Looking to improve your lake or pond?  Aeration is your 1st step toward improved water quality.  We
offer 3 basic, affordable & highly efficient "Air Diffuser" aeration systems.  Simple installation and no
electric cords going into your water.  Choose one based on your size of pond.  Remember 2 things: It's
almost impossible to over-aerate  AND any aeration is better than none at all.   Add one of our systems
NOW and watch the many benefits to your pond & fish over the coming weeks and months.
We also offer the SUPERFALLS centrifugal Water Pump which is installed on land (non submersible)
and pumps up to 11,000 gallons per hour!!!  We feel this pump is the most efficient in the world.  
Excellent choice for waterfalls, low head-high volume fountains and a great choice for aeration when the
appearance of moving water is desired.  For an Awesome water display that also aerates your water -
aeration system below!!!!

Pond Aerator Equipment
600 Trout Rd, PO Box One, Wisconsin Dells, WI
53965-0001  (608)254-2735  Fish people since 1955
For small backyard and koi ponds less than 4ft deep.
$189.95 plus $14 s/h to lower 48 states.
small pond system
For medium sized ponds approx 1/8 - 1/3 acre and up to 20ft deep.
$309.95  plus $21s/h to lower 48 states.
medium pond system
For larger ponds 3/4 to 1 acre and larger.  If you live "on" a lake and
wish to enhance the water quality in YOUR frontage, this system is a
good choice.  
Was $399.95 -
SALE PRICE  $369.95  (similar systems cost over a
(orange box no longer available)
$34.80 s/h to lower 48 states.
big max large pond/lake system
Centrifugal Water Pump - pump mounts on shore (not submersible).
Moves up to 11,000 (yes, that's Eleven Thousand !!) Gallons per
hour!  Excellent for Waterfalls, low head - high volume pond fountains
and other water moving applications.  Do NOT use this pump if you
need to lift or push water more than 18ft head (combined).  Probably
the most efficient water pump on the market today. Current Factory
Price is: $699 - OUR PRICE: just -
$599.95!!  plus $26.00 s/h to lower
48   - - In Stock Now !!   
SuperFalls 11,000 gph Water Pump !
What will aeration do for my lake or pond?
More good than you can probably imagine.  Each pond has it's own "personality" due to the many variables
from mother nature: Temperature, Sunlight, Shade, Depth, Rainfall, Climate, Water Chemistry, Water Flow,
Density of stocked fish & other aquatic life, Types of stocked fish & aquatic life, Size, Shape and other
factors, however AERATION will benefit ANY body of water in these (and other) ways: Improved Water
Quality, Algae Reduction, Enhanced Fish Health & Growth, Reduction of harmful dissolved gases, Water
Clarity and Odor and also De-icing (in colder climates).  It's unrealistic to expect "magic" but you will
definately see benefits in the coming weeks and months after running your aerator.
Can you explain the basic operation of these systems?
The 1st three systems are "Diffused Air pond Aeration Systems" utilizing efficient Air Pumps which mount on
land and need to be connected to your electric supply.  The output of the Air Pump is connected to your air
line and at the end of this line  connect the Diffuser Airstone which is self-weighting and simply "thrown" out
into your pond to sink to the bottom.  When your system is turned on this will release the pumped air in
perfect sized bubbles for maximum aeration of your water.  
What is the approx cost to run these systems?
Firstly, we recommend operating your system 24/7.  These compressors are built to run "continuous duty"
and should provide years of reliable service this way.  Also we have found that "life expectancy" of the air
pumps is actually increased by leaving the systems ON at all times due to the thermal (temperature) stability
in this mode vs. turning on - pump warms up and then off - pump cools down.  APPROX MONTHLY
OPERATING COSTS:  Small System: $4-$6/mo   Med System: $7-$9/mo  Big Max: $12-$18 mo   Again these
costs are monthly and based on operating 24hrs per day every day all month.  
Do you offer other products than what is shown here on the website?
Unfortunately, no we do not.  Our primary business is "aquaculture" (fish farming) which our family has been
doing since 1955.  We use these same products that we sell here.  These systems we offer are systems
which have "proven" themselves here at our farm over the years in Reliability, Efficiency and Ease of Use.  
Then we purchase in very large quantities and offer Exceptional Value to our customers.  We do carry
spare parts (rarely needed) and all related hardware needed to keep these systems operating for years.  
Contact us should you need anything in this regard.
How can I order and how soon should i receive my system?
We have over 1,000 systems IN STOCK currently and orders are typically packed and ready to ship within
24hrs of your order.  We ship UPS Ground which takes approx  1-6 days depending on distance from
Wisconsin.  (Expedited delivery is available upon request at extra cost - contact us).  
We accept checks and money orders through the mail to our address above.  We also accept Visa,
MasterCard and Discover cards.  To order via credit or debit card you will need to provide us with the
following information:  Name on Card, Card number & exp date, 3digit security code on Back of card and
your card statement address (& ship to address if different).  You can submit your card order via telephone
7 days per week OR via email.  Email orders will receive a email confirmation once your order has been
verified & authorized.
What if i live in Alaska, Hawaii, Canada or foreign country?
Alaska & Hawaii shipping is done through US Mail.  You may wish to have your item sent via priority mail
service to avoid delays with standard Parcel Post mail, simply email us your zipcode and we can quote you
shipping options.
Canada & other foreign countries: In most cases we will ship via US Mail's "Priority Mail International" OR
UPS Standard service.   Typically service to Canada is 4-7 days, Europe about the same.  Condition of
shipping will be that buyer must assume all risks in transit as insurance and delivery confirmation stops at
the US border.  Although we've not had a problem so far, in the event of a lost or damaged item - our sole
obligation will be to provide a receipt of mailing showing the item left our hands and buyer will be liable for
full payment of the order.  (We've only had 1 lost item in several years thus far)
Duty or Import taxes into your country are buyer's responsibility as we have no control.

To place an order without paypal please contact us at beaversprings@dellsnet.com or (608) 254-2735
Best Value in USA!!!  The Majesstic 1 Horsepower: CasCade 5000
Floating Lake/Pond Fountain aerator system - Including a free
waterproof LIGHT Kit!!  Pre-Assembled, INSTALLS in MINUTES!!!  
Display height up to 16ft & 20-25ft wide! 115 volt AC with 100ft power
cord.  (Note- Commercial Customers- 220 volt units also available at
extra cost - contact us for details).   
JUST $798.95!! plus $46.00 s/h to
lower 48 -- In Stock Now !! --  
No electric bills ..........ever!  What could be better?  Well, actually
a regular electric system is more cost effective - But, if electric
power is not an option for your pond location and/or the cost
would exceed a couple thousand dollars - SOLAR may be the
best choice for you.  Please read on for more information and

Easy Installation and quality commercial duty components, this
system is built to Last!
$475.00 plus $39 s/h to lower 48 -- In Stock Now !!
SOLAR Powered Aeration System
Want a pump that will last?  7+ years of Continuous 24/7 use is
not uncommon and we can attest personally using these pumps
(of which some are going on their 8th year) at our fish farm here
in Wisconsin.
Great for Waterfalls and other water lifting applications Not to
Exceed 15 feet.  A great pump that will do 3,000 gallons per
minute! SUPER EFFICIENT - Just 1.6 amps @115 volts (less
than 200 watts !!!)
Others sell this pump for over a hundred dollars more - Our
price Just: $349.95 plus $16 s/h to lower 48 - In Stock Now!
MaxiFalls 3,000 GPH Water Pump!!
Another Hi Efficiency water pump choice with mid range flow.  
7000 gallons per minute at around 3 amps!  Built to last just like
our other 2 water pump offerings.

Best Price anywhere!

Only: $494.95 plus $21 s/h to lower 48 - In Stock Now!!
MaxiFalls 7,000 GPH Water Pump!!
Great choice for Waterfalls too!